The Brightspace Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that has one objective: to enable people and communities to live sustainably. This means helping people to enjoy economic prosperity and health and well-being in ways that won’t damage the environment or squander the earth’s resources. It therefore ensures that future generations will enjoy the same advantages that we do.

Although this is a global requirement, our focus is the county of Herefordshire where the Brightspace Foundation has been located since its formation in 2001. It was originally called the Bulmer Foundation, but the name was changed in 2016 to express the aspiration that living sustainably both enhances today and offers a bright tomorrow. 

It is not just about what we do, but how we do things.


It is not just about what we do, but how we do things. It is part of our ethos that we work collaboratively, rather than competitively, and that the information we gather should be made publicly available as “open data”, so that others can benefit from our experience.

To achieve our vision we must be able to demonstrate what good practice means and monitor what is happening in order to assess whether the county is becoming more- or less- sustainable. This information is published as our “Sustainable Route Map.”

We work across Herefordshire and our projects touch all aspects of sustainable development, whether economic, social, or environmental, sometimes referred to as the “three pillars”. We have recently added cultural/spiritual to augment the social pillar.

Social Indicator Stat


The trustees bring a range of skills and experience to Brightspace, including representing it in strategic meetings. They deliver solutions by working with an extended team of dedicated and skilled people, both paid consultants and volunteers, and with partner organisations. The summaries of current and previous projects show the team members who helped deliver them. 

It’s a team effort and we are grateful to those who share our vision.

If you share our passion or wish to sponsor our activities please get in touch - we are always willing to discuss new project ideas and collaborative approaches. 

Brightspace is administered on a voluntary basis by Dr David Marshall.


David Bailey

General Manager at the National Trust in Herefordshire, with over 25 years of senior management in the heritage sector always with the aim of making things better, whether that be for the beautiful places under his leadership or for those that visit and enjoy as well as for teams of staff and volunteers.

Dr Nancy Oakes

Wide experience of land management and education, including leadership and lecturer roles at the University of Worcester and Hartpury College in Gloucestershire. Previously senior lecturer for the MA in Sustainable Development Advocacy run by Brightspace until 2017, which was accredited and delivered in partnership with the University of Worcester

David Sowerbutts

David has worked as a manager with Unilever and Cargill, mainly in food manufacturing but also in business development and sales. From 2002 he became involved in the food logistics industry and has worked as a Director in four different UK/European businesses until retiring from full time employment in November 2017. He continues to carry out some consultancy work through his own limited company.

Nick Read, OBE

An ordained Anglican priest with degrees in Agricultural Science and Forestry, Nick has a background in research and rural policy and was formerly Food Policy & Research Adviser for the National Farmers' Union and a charity CEO. He is an Agricultural Chaplain with Hereford Diocese and a project coordinator for South Shropshire Climate Action. He represents Brightspace on strategic groups including Herefordshire Green Network, Herefordshire Local Nature Partnership, Herefordshire Food Partnership, Hereford Diocese Net Zero Group, and NMITE Partnership Board. Nick was formerly the Brightspace director.