In Brief

Data4Good HERE was a county-wide campaign to enable organisations and communities within Herefordshire to understand and use data to benefit the county, its organisations and businesses.


Project Description

There is considerable evidence that open data (i.e. data that is available and licensed so that anyone may access, use or share it) can be beneficial, leading to more robust and transparent decision-making.  Local initiatives elsewhere in the UK include the Data Mill North, Bath:hacked and the "Internet of Things" in Bristol.  In these cases open data has led to new economic opportunities, more effective allocation of resources and inspired communities and organisations to develop new products and services.

The Data4Good campaign aimed to build awareness and capacity within Herefordshire to inspire a  data-driven culture through four elements:

  • Raising awareness of the campaign and its objectives and developing case studies that show the benefits of open data and data driven decisions.
  • Building a network of local professionals interested in data and identifying opportunities within the county to improve data collection and usage. For example: biological records, county-wide Quality of Life survey and data needs of the Sustainable Route Map.
  • Building local capacity through education and training, working with community groups, networks and organisations (Datacraft sessions).
  • Promoting an open data culture so that Herefordshire develops a more effective data hub as a county-wide resource.

Our Role

Brightspace was a partner in the campaign, collaborating with lead organisations Data Orchard and The Satori Lab.  The initiative had permission to use the Hereford brand logo ( delineating it as a county-wide initiative.

The Foundation Team Supporting Data4Good HERE

Mary Burton
Ben Proctor
Nick Read, OBE

Project Sponsors