In Brief

Evaluation measures the effectiveness of projects in meeting their objectives, ensuring that learning outcomes are integrated into the next iteration of project and policy development.

Brightspace carries out bespoke evaluations for third parties, both locally and nationally.

Project Description

Evaluation is an essential component to future commissioning as it provides the evidence base which shows that the proposed intervention was effective (or not).  It is a tool that demonstrates cost effectiveness and therefore a "best value" approach to issues.

With support from HEINEKEN UK, Safer Herefordshire and the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO) , Brightspace developed a bespoke tool (Evaluate!) which allows communities and local organisations to undertake their own evaluation.  You can download the free Evaluate! toolkit below:

Plans for evaluation should be built in at the beginning of project development, as it helps to improve project design before delivery takes place. 

Our Role

Brightspace undertakes bespoke evaluations for third parties.

Examples of past evaluation commissions are:

  • Helping Britain Blossom - a national community orchard initiative managed by a national charity: The Orchard Project.
  • "Explore Today, Enjoy Tomorrow" - an alcohol awareness project at universities across the country sponsored by the National Union of Students.
  • The Golden Valley Supportive Communities Project - a project working with community groups and statutory services in rural Herefordshire.

Brightspace also provides training in evaluation techniques, both for commissioners of services and for those seeking to submit tenders to deliver services. We have delivered training events for service commissioners in Herefordshire Council and third sector representatives across Herefordshire.

Evaluation provides evidence of what is most effective and the costs involved (best value), helping to evidence the procurement requirements of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our Evaluation services further.

The Foundation Team Supporting Evaluation

Dr. David Marshall
Christianne Wakeham

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