A Process for transformation

The Sustainable Route Map is designed to answer the question:

“Is Herefordshire developing in a more- or less- sustainable manner?”

It monitors a series of indicators as a measure of the county’s sustainability. Using indicators is not new, the United Nations and national governments spend much time and effort on this, but this project is focused specifically on Herefordshire.

The Route Map incorporates desk top studies looking at existing data, organisations and licensing arrangements. It became apparent that data for many aspects of our environment, economy and society were not being collated, publicised or monitored. Herefordshire Council’s “Understanding Herefordshire” reports and their Facts & Figures website provide a wealth of information which we do not intend to duplicate. We have worked closely with the Council’s Strategic Health Intelligence team and other partners including Data Orchard, Community First, Herefordshire Transition Alliance and New Leaf.

A special thank you to our close partners Data Orchard, who have supported the project from its inception through to the current day. We will continue to work closely together in our ‘Data4Good’ campaign. 

THE route map

It monitors a series of indicators as measures of the county's sustainability. They were chosen after extensive consultation with local organisations, networks and individuals. 

The Grange




At 'The Herefordshire We Made' event with Jonathon Porritt (see film below) in 2014, we asked participants what would have to happen to make the county more sustainable? Those suggestions formed the bedrock of the Route Map.





We would like the data that supports all the indicators to be made available to anyone and for any purpose. Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Chair of the Open Data Institute fully endorsed our Sustainable Route Map at the launch event in 2015.

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Nigel Shadbolt talk

Herefordshire’s Sustainable Route Map

Our approach to the Route Map was to engage with the wider community from the start. We are confident that we are the only third sector organisation nationally to take such an approach to county-wide sustainability.  Take a look at what some of our Route Map supporters say on our YouTube channel:


We worked collaboratively with Data Orchard and Ben Proctor of The Satori Lab to identify key metrics of sustainability for Herefordshire. These metrics, together with the priorities identified by numerous consultation meetings, workshops and conferences were aligned with data where it existed. These are the Indicators. 

Take a look at the Indicators. See if you agree with our assessments. Please get in touch if you want to talk about the data or get involved in supporting projects or groups that improve the indicators. You may know of work already taking place in the county that seeks to address some of the issues. We would love to hear from you.

That’s our Route Map for a sustainable county - linking environmental, social, economic and cultural priorities. 

All the data sits on the Herefordshire Data Hub so you can access it easily. Have a play with the data and check out the source, you never know what you might find. We would like other organisations, communities and individuals to use the hub to store any data that is relevant to the county.  We can help you do that, get in touch to find out how.


Analyse open data to highlight trends. Identify areas of concern which need to be addressed


Bring together parties who can make a difference

Measurable Improvement of Indicators

Project delivery

Manage and facilitate projects

Measurable Improvement of Indicators