The quality of the natural environment is a critical factor underpinning sustainable living and a significant contributor to Herefordshire’s economy. Land use provides 10% of local employment and many of Herefordshire’s largest businesses are connected to food production, such as Cargill, Heineken and Tyrrells, all of which rely on high soil and water quality. The iconic River Wye and its tributaries are significant recreational assets for fishing, canoeing and walking and there is an argument that the modern package tour began here in 1740 when the Rev’d John Egerton, Rector of Ross-on-Wye, began to take his guests down the river on guided tours. A quality environment contributes to health and well-being, feeding body and soul through recreation, culture and aesthetic beauty. 

Our project work is designed to ensure that the environment can both contribute to economic growth and also be protected and enhanced so that future generations may benefit from this unique asset. 

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