The Brightspace Foundation believes in sustainable progress for rural communities

  • Not just the environment, but economic, health and cultural sustainability for all of us.
  • With an eye for future generations we care about the decisions taken on our behalf.
  • Are they based on robust data and do they fully consider the wider implications of sustainability?
  • Brightspace works with business, communities and networks to develop route maps for health, wealth and environmental quality.
  • It matters for our generation just as much as those who follow.

How's the county doing?

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Data Indicator Overview

We asked people in Herefordshire: 'What would make the county sustainable?' and 'How should we measure it?' This allowed us to make sure our county is moving in a sustainable direction. There are currently 28 indicators based on open data that we can access and track (but shouldn't more data be open?) and 11 indicators that do we do not (yet) have any data for.

Delve into the indicators to see how Herefordshire was faring....

Herefordshire Data Indicators - Overview

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State of Herefordshire


Headlines from our inaugural report (derived from our own Open Data project). They are real measures against criteria that real people care about. See how your community is faring.

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