Indicators were chosen after extensive consultation. They reflect both local choice and academic understanding. To verify any indicator we need to be able to access publicly available data that will give us both a long and short term trend. We have grouped the indicators into five categories:

The indicator is getting better in both the short and long term
Of concern
The indicator was getting worse in the long term but has begun to improve more recently
At risk
The indicator was getting better in the long term, but has been getting worse more recently
The indicator is getting worse in both the long and short term
No data
We couldn’t find any publicly available data

Data Indicator Overview

We asked people in Herefordshire: 'What would make the county sustainable?' and 'How should we measure it?' This allowed us to make sure our county is moving in a sustainable direction. There are currently 28 indicators based on open data that we can access and track (but shouldn't more data be open?) and 11 indicators that do we do not (yet) have any data for.

Delve into the indicators to see how Herefordshire was faring....

Herefordshire Data Indicators - Overview

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You can access the indicators in a number of ways.  

By clicking on the filters below, you can sort indicators by pillar, indicator status or a combination of both.

You can also access the data we have used from Herefordshire's Data Hub, which also includes links to the source data.

We will continue to update the data as it becomes available.

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