In Brief

Bottletop is a project that helps young people address alcohol abuse. It encourages them to peer review art and social media which highlights the risks associated with irresponsible drinking.

Project Description

Alcohol misuse, expecially amongst young people, has been identified as a local priority for Herefordshire.  Bottletop is an initiative that utilises social media and art to create images and campaigns that help to inform young people of the dangers of alcohol misuse and create a more responsible drinking culture.  The project draws on the experiences and creativity of the young people themselves in producing the material, and the process of peer review creates a positive influence for change.

The project was highlighted within the Primary Care Trust's Public Health Report in 2011 and was awarded the Herefordshire High Sheriff's Award in 2013.

Our Role

Brightspace has provided management support for the project and helped to convene the appropriate local partnerships that deliver the outputs.  We have also undertaken extensive evaluation of the outcomes, demonstrating its effectiveness and the impacts on those who participate.

The Foundation Team Supporting Bottletop

Dr. David Marshall
Christianne Wakeham

Project Sponsors